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Dental Product Shopper – TheraCal LC® Evaluation

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For pulp capping and lining, TheraCal LC is easy to use and simple to place

A lifesaver.” That’s how a dentist with 35 years of experience described TheraCal LC. As one of 15 dentists who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, he went on to say, “I had given up on [another product], so I really had no alternative. I like the working time and ease of use of [TheraCal LC].”

TheraCal LC

Bisco’s TheraCal LC is a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled liner indicated for direct and indirect pulp capping. It also can be used as a protective liner under a variety of materials, including composites, amalgam, and cements.

The 15 dental professionals who participated in this evaluation rated several features of the product, including ease of use, delivery system, handling properties, and viscosity.

Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: TheraCal LC is easy to use. Four simple steps complete direct pulp capping. For indirect capping in deep preparations as well as placement as a liner in large preparations, placement can be completed in 3 easy steps.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what they like best about TheraCal LC, several evaluators noted the material’s ease of use, with comments such as “easy to place,” “one component, therefore easy to use,” and “one step.” An evaluator with 13 years of experience said, “I could easily place it where I wanted it.”

Delivery System

Manufacturer Description: The TheraCal LC kit comes with 4 syringes (1 gram each). Material is delivered directly into the preparation and the thin needle allows for easy placement in deep preparations.

Evaluator Feedback: The TheraCal LC delivery system was rated very highly by all of the evaluators, with 9 rating it as excellent, 3 rating it as very good, and 3 rating it as good. An evaluator from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, said, “[TheraCal LC] is easy to place with the syringe and tip provided.” This same dentist gave the material an overall satisfaction rating of excellent and said he would definitely recommend it and purchase it in the future.

Properties and Viscosity

Manufacturer Description: The proprietary formulation of TheraCal LC allows for command set with light curing while at the same time maintaining ease of placement because of its thixotropic properties. In addition, the proprietary formulation ensures the material’s stability as a durable liner.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what they liked best about TheraCal LC, several evaluators noted its ease of handling and viscosity. An evaluator from Naples, FL, with 24 years of practice experience, said, “The material was easy to use. Due to the viscosity, the material stayed where you placed it.” She went on to give TheraCal LC an overall satisfaction rating of excellent and said she would definitely recommend it to colleagues. One evaluator commented that he “would like a slightly thinner viscosity, but that is just me,” while another said he found it “a little too thick.” Both of these evaluators gave the material an overall satisfaction rating of very good.

Overall Satisfaction

When asked to give their overall satisfaction rating for TheraCal LC, 80% rated it as excellent or very good. In addition, 93% said they would definitely or probably recommend it to their colleagues.

A couple of the evaluators commented on the science behind TheraCal LC. For example, an evaluator from Leetonia, OH, who has been in practice for 30 years said, “I like the biocompatibility of the product.” An evaluator from Minot, MN, said, “The science behind the material is encouraging and gives confidence to provide great care.”

When asked to share her comments about TheraCal LC, especially related to anything not specifically covered in the evaluation questions, one evaluator said, “The white shade and opacity was good at covering stained/dark dentin.” A dentist from Philadelphia, PA, summed up his evaluation by describing TheraCal LC as “a valuable addition to my practice.”

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