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Dental Product Shopper – TheraCal LC® Evaluation

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A light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate with a unique apatite stimulating ability that makes it ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner under restorative materials

When DPS asked several clinicians to share their experiences with BISCO’s TheraCal LC pulp protecant and base//linker, the feedback was unbelievably positive, with dentists describing TheraCal LC as “my go-to choice,” “a sweet bonus,” and “a huge step up.”

One of those dentists, Dr. Siti Lowery, said she “always has BISCO’s TheraCal LC resin-modified calcium silicate protective liner on hand” in her North Carolina practice. “I am currently using TheraCal LC for direct and indirect pulp caps and as a liner under composites or core buildups,” she told DPS while praising just about every quality of this unique material—including its precise dispensing, easy handling, time savings, radiopacity, calcium release, alkaline pH, and versatility.

TheraCal LC


TheraCal LC is a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled liner designed for use in direct and indirect pulp capping procedures and as a protective liner under composite, amalgam, cement, and other base materials. It also can be used as an alternative to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMGI, IRM/ZOE, and other restorative materials, according to BISCO.

Calling it a very versatile material, Dr. Richard Siegel has used TheraCal LC for years as a direct and indirect pulp capping material and as a liner under fillings and crowns and says he has “had success preventing pulpitis in many patients.” Dr. David Mastrota noted, “It is very easy to use under all my materials, and I have had great success with it as a base/liner. I use it a lot on deep areas, and it seems to eliminate any pulp issues thus far.”

“I have been using TheraCal LC since it came out, and it is fabulous,” reported James DeFilippo, DDS. “It is our go-to base under any deeper restoration, and it has not disappointed. It works as an indirect or direct pulp cap as well.” Noting that he uses it under all restorations that approach the pulp, Dr. DeFilippo said, “I find that it helps reduce the sensitivity that a patient may experience after restorative treatment—significantly!” He also said he believes that using TheraCal LC reduces the chance of pulpitis and increases the chance of a restoration’s success, potentially eliminating future endodontic treatment.

Ease of Use

“TheraCal LC is my go-to choice for pulpal exposures and as a lining under deep preparations,” noted Dr. Marvin Stern, who reported “great success” when used as a base/liner over areas of deep decay. “It cures rapidly and allows me to continue to a final restoration quickly, ” he added. Dr. Lowery appreciates the “convenient and easy-to-handle syringe,” the small tip that “fits into small, tight spots,” and “the light curing [that] allows for immediate restoration placement.” She added, “I also love the opacity and ease of identifying this base/liner on x-rays.” Agreeing that TheraCal LC is “fast and easy to place, with no mixing for my assistants,” Dr. Mastrota said, “It stays where you put it and will block out stained dentin that may show through an anterior resin. It is a huge step up from any product that I previously used.”

Overall Satisfaction

When Dr. Artin Manoukian evaluated TheraCal LC for Dental Product Shopper in 2013, he mentioned that “a longer period of evaluation may be needed to evaluate the product’s efficacy, particularly if it helps avoiding pulpitis.” Now, more than 8 years later, Dr. Manoukian discussed the long-term benefits of TheraCal LC. “No patients have reported symptoms and no periapical changes [were noted] on recall radiographs. TheraCal LC performs well and is a successful product to use in deep carious teeth.” Dr. Stern concluded, “TheraCal LC is a very good product that I can highly recommend.”


  • A light-cured resin-modified calcium silicate with a unique apitite stimulating ability3
  • Ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping
  • A protective base or liner under composite, amalgam, cement, and other base materials
  • Delivered in a convenient syringe with a small tip for precise placement


* Bisco has, on file, the calcium release data for TheraCal LC.

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