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Success is in the Details: Cementation from Prep to Post-Op – eBook



  • Treating the surfaces of your restorations is the first step to obtaining lasting results in the cementation process.

  • Decontaminating and priming with the appropriate primer ensures a stronger bond between the restoration and the tooth and reduces bond failure.

  • Certain cements require an adhesive to be used on the tooth. If the surface is non-retentive, it is recommended that adhesive be used to ensure a strong bond.

As new dental materials come onto the market, it’s important to keep up to date with information so that every cementation procedure is successful. Cements, primers, adhesives, and etchants, along with substrate types, all have a role to play in the final outcome.

Dental cements come in a variety of formulas and have a wide range of applications. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cement, which include restoration type, substrate, procedure, esthetics, and the retentiveness of the prepared tooth.

This eBook explores cementation in detail, along with illustrations and case examples, to help you ensure long-term success.

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